Eviction Mediation

Solving Rental Disputes Without Legal Action

As a tenant or landlord you can save time and money by deciding to use court-based mediation for your eviction case.

What is Mediation?

Eviction mediation is a process in which the tenant and landlord meet with a neutral party (a mediator) to attempt to resolve their disputes without going to trial, saving court and lawyer fees.

Mediators look for win-win agreements that benefit tenants and landlords.

Mediations may result in agreements where tenants pay part or all of their back rent in an agreement that allows them to stay, or it may result in an agreement in which the tenant vacates their residence, but without an eviction judgment on their record.

If both parties cannot reach an agreement, the case will proceed to court as normal.

benefits of mediation

  • Mediators resolve issues in an unbiased way.
  • As a landlord, it may increase likelihood of payment.
  • As a tenant, it may prevent negative impact on your credit score by avoiding an eviction judgment.
  • Mediators are trained to help tenants find charitable sources to pay back rent.
  • No attorney costs.
  • Mediators work around your schedule, rather than a trial date.
  • Compliant with Indiana Code

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